Our Day

Our school opens at 06.30 Monday to Friday and we close at 17.15. Our half day option finishes at 14.30.

Our children arrive from 06.30 onwards and go to their classrooms to unpack their bags and settle in before breakfast is served at 08.00.

After breakfast we have toilet time and then we start with our morning rings, structured program, arts and crafts, music and movement and science and discovery!

We have a snack at 09.30 and we pop to the toilet. Our extra mural activities for those who participate take place and at 11.30 we come outside to play before lunch at 12.00. Another visit to the toilet and then it’s time for a rest.

After lunch we have a nap – most of our children do sleep as we have had a busy morning. For those who do not we have quiet time of reading books and resting.

We wake our children up at 14.00 and our half day children prepare to go home.

We have a snack again at 15.00 and our afternoon is spent either playing outside or in our game’s library.

At 16.45 we pack our bags and get ready for a movie while we wait for our special people to fetch us.

Our Nursery (3 months onwards)

Our nursery which has our littlest people does not have a structured routine. We follow the routine you set at home for your baby. We believe that this ethos helps both baby and home to remain in the routine with as little disruption as possible.

Parents who are considering bringing their baby to our nursery are welcome to spend time in our nursery to help settle in their little one as well as to settle their own nerves.

Our Toddler and Potty Trainer classes

Our toddler group was created to bridge the gap between our nursery and potty training group.

We look at your child’s development and we rotate our little ones into our toddler group slowly and gently until they are fully confident to make the move permanent. We discuss this with our parents first and take the steps together to make sure our little ones grow in confidence.

Our Potty Trainers are rotated in the same way – introducing the toilet to them and starting with the process of becoming independent when using the toilet and teaching them the toilet etiquette that lays the foundation for the rest of their lives.

This process happens once your little one shows interest in the toilet and we get so excited when they start to master the skill! We use positive reinforcement and millions of stars to encourage them and parents get updated on all the milestones.

The process of toilet training can be done in a fun and interactive way and is vital that it is done hand in hand with the home environment. More information is available to parents when they come and visit our school.

Homework club

We offer a homework club for children from Grade 1 to Grade 3. Children are collected from their respective schools. Once they arrive here they have a prepared lunch, change out of their school clothes and their homework is done. Parents need only to check their books for notices.

Our homework club fees include all school holidays!! No more stressing over homework or leave during the year.


Our school remains open all through the year! We do close over December/ January period and public holiday’s. All dates are set for the year and updated in our calendar which is sent out at the beginning of the year and then monthly on all our communication platforms.

Please contact our office to set up an appointment to come and see if our school is the right for your family.