Our Curriculum

Little Leaders Preschool is fully registered with the department of social development as well as the department of health. We are in the process of completing the migration to the department of education.

We follow a theme based curriculum which is used to inspire our art and crafts, music rings, science and discovery as well as determine the pre literacy, numeracy and life skills program our children work though in their respective classes and age groups.

Our Grade R class follows the National Curriculum Statement and we explore the curriculum ensuring our children are fully prepared for their graduation to Grade 1.

Our school ethos focuses on developing the whole child – their emotional development is equally as important as developing their scholastic and fine and gross motor skills. Children who feel secure and loved learn effervescently!

Our program includes positive self esteem, positive reinforcement and the development of their confidence and skill set to enable them to tackle the pressure of the next phase of their school career. We conduct regular assessments and have an Occupational Therapist as well as Speech Therapist at school to assist with support for children who may need this.

We offer inclusive education and have a remedial element to support children who are not neurotypical in our mainstream classes.

Parents who feel our school may be the right fit for their family can contact us for more details